Seeking alpha with Backd
The Backd Cookbook is a community lead resource that explores the possibilities of Backd as a financial instrument. The Cookbook is made up of "recipes" that showcase different theoretical investment strategies through a simple spreadsheet. The goal of each recipe is to provide the framework for earning above market returns (alpha) with the Backd protocol. Any member of the Backd community can create and submit a recipe. Submissions are reviewed by the Backd team and other cookbook Chefs.
Individuals can become a chef by successfully submitting a recipe to the Backd cookbook. Chefs are granted the "Chef" role in the Backd Discord, get their username (e.g. Twitter) engraved into the Cookbook forever, and may also receive other rewards👀. For an introduction to the Cookbook, check out our blog.

The Cookbook

Interest-bearing protective short
Leveraged yield farming
Comparative outperformance
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The Cookbook