Backd DAO
All Backd governance token holders can participate in the DAO by proposing or voting on protocol updates. Over time, all admin functionality will be delegated to the Backd DAO. Meaning, developers of the protocol will lose their majority voting power and the protocol will be run via community-led decision-making.
When will the Backd DAO launch?

Integrations & Actions

For a new protocol to be integrated with Backd, the Action logic for the respective protocol needs to be encapsulated within a smart contract which is subsequently proposed as a protocol update and subject to the Backd DAO majority vote.
How can I share my ideas for new integrations or Actions?


Similar to adding support for new protocol, parameter updates must be proposed and subsequently pass a majority vote by the Backd DAO. There exists a delay of up to three days for approved updates to take effect.
List of modifiable parameters
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