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Simulate reactive liquidity🧪
Rather than just "testing in prod," Backd is deployed on Ethereum testnet (Kovan). While it is true that accurately simulating a protocol on testnet is impossible (e.g. things like strategies, interest rates, etc.), testnet is still a fantastic way for users and teams to test core protocol functions. On Kovan testnet users are able to connect to the Backd protocol to simulate Backd's reactive liquidity by providing liquidity and registering their assets for top-ups. Refer to the links below for help with Back testnet
Step-by-step video tutorial
Full blog post guide on how to use Backd on testnet
Frequently asked questions pertaining to Backd testnet
Use the Kovan faucet in our Discord to get some ETH in your wallet!
Guide for using Aave on testnet
Guide for using Compound on testnet
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